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of Building Structure

What situations might require the reinforcement of your home's structure?

  • House extension, addition of floors, or extension requiring redistribution of loads.

  • Installation of new elements on the roof such as spa, terrace, or green roof.


  • Deficient initial structural or architectural design.

  • Disasters (flood, fire, earthquake).


  • Deterioration of structural elements.


  • Floor sagging or deformation.


  • Appearance of cracks in walls and foundations.


  • Beam and joist sagging or rotting.


  • Drying out of clay soil.


  • Rotting of joist and beam supports at the junction of the foundations.


  • Cracks that open and close with seasonal changes, indicating that the structure is moving and flexing up and down with snow loads on the roof.

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Turnkey Solution - Reinforcement

In collaboration with our engineer, here are the reinforcement methods:

  • Foundation Reinforcement: Addition of additional footings and steel piles to increase load distribution and transfer loads to the bedrock.


  • Beam and Column Reinforcement: Addition of bolted steel elements to the existing wood structure or replacement with new steel beams and columns.


  • Installation of Bracing: Walls, steel cross braces, or diagonal braces to strengthen the structure and improve its resistance to lateral loads.


  • Transfer of Point Loads: Checking and adding load transfer blocks.

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Turnkey Solution - Finishing

A significant advantage for you as an Indigo Construction client is that you can benefit from a turnkey project. Once the repairs are completed, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and carry out the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement and landscaping.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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