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Indigo Construction it's...

17+ years

of continuous improvement

over 30M$ 

of projects carried out since 2007

the strength

of an experienced team

Strong of our continuous improvement philosophy combined with 17+ years of experience in the field

we provide top class workmanship and service to our clients 

Our corporate culture

Notre culture d'entreprise
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With us, team spirit and motivation are the bases of the corporate culture. We are therefore seeking to strengthen these assets by taking up new challenges. Each year, the whole team takes part in a great challenge where surpassing oneself, endurance and performance must be at the rendezvous. If you want to know more about our lastest challenges, do not hesitate to read the logbook!

Our values

Full potential within our team

Our team is the engine of our success. Each member have a distinctive skill set and talents that we strive to develop to full potential so we regularly set new learning goals to hone theses skills and become better together.


In the end, the complementarity of all these skills, galvanized by a camaraderie developed during our sporting challenges, makes our team very efficient.


The performance

We are constantly optimizing our methods to improve the quality of our work, to speed up the execution of tasks and to reduce costs. To achieve this, we periodically assess each site procedure and each administrative procedure in order to check whether or not they create added value for our customers.


This continuous improvement method is simple but very effective when applied rigorously over a long period of time. For 17+ years, we have thus developed and implemented a multitude of administrative solutions and site methods that set us apart from other contractors.


As Steve Jobs once said: “Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains"

Our team

Defis sportifs Indigo

Guillaume Dubois

Founding President

HEC - Polytechnic School of Montreal.

Concerned about creating the maximum value for our customers, Guillaume has structured his company according to the principles of continuous improvement, Kaizen (5S) from the very beginning. With more than 17 years of optimization, internal processes, construction methods and the level of quality of service offered to our customers inspire our competitors in the industry. Through his natural leadership and sporting challenges, he has attracted the most motivated, passionate and eager to be part of a well-knit team. His vision of teamwork, mutual aid and high quality standards are part of the DNA of all members of indigo construction.