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Replacement of Existing 

What are the signs of foundation deterioration?

  • Visible significant cracks.

  • Concrete crumbling.


  • Water infiltration.


  • Cracks in brick joints.


  • Damp basement.

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Possible Causes
Aging concrete due to inferior quality, old concrete, or presence of pyrite in the concrete.

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Turnkey Solution - Foundation Replacement

  • Initial inspection by an engineer to test concrete strength and assess foundation condition.

  • Planning and design of the new foundation system in collaboration with an engineer or architect in our network.


  • Verification of construction permits and compliance with local regulations.


  • Site preparation by clearing the area and ensuring accessibility to heavy equipment.


  • Excavation and demolition of the existing foundation, following engineer's directives for progressive shoring installation.


  • Construction of the new foundation with reinforced concrete, installation of drains, pumps, and waterproofing membranes.


  • Application of insulation, vapor barrier, and metal mesh on the floor.


  • Pouring of the new basement slab with high-strength concrete.


  • Backfilling of the foundations with excavated soil.



Turnkey Solution - Finishing

A significant advantage for you as an Indigo Construction client is that you can benefit from a turnkey project. Once the foundation is in place, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and carry out the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement and landscaping.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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