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Pyrite Remediation

What causes pyrite problems?

Building materials used for the basement, such as aggregates, concrete, or mortar, may contain pyrite. If these materials contain aggregates extracted from quarries containing pyrite, this can lead to the introduction of this mineral into the basement structure. When wet, pyrite breaks down basement slabs or foundations.

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Turnkey Solution - Planning 

  • Site evaluation: Perform a comprehensive site evaluation to determine the extent of pyrite contamination and the exact location where excavation is required.

  • Planning: Plan excavation based on site evaluation results, considering factors such as pyrite depth, affected area size, and site accessibility.

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Turnkey Solution - Execution 

  • Excavation: Carefully excavate the area affected by pyrite, removing contaminated soil and transporting it off-site for proper treatment or disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Material replacement: Once the pyrite-contaminated soil is removed, replace it with certified DB crushed stone (uncontaminated) to rebuild the affected foundations or structures.


Turnkey Solution - Finishing

A significant advantage for the client of Indigo Construction is that they can benefit from a turnkey project. Once repairs are completed, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and execute the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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