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Foundation Stabilization with Piers

How to diagnose foundation settlement?

  • Misaligned mortar joints.

  • Exterior step cracks in brick or concrete.

  • Interior cracks around doors and windows.

  • Altered operation of doors and windows.

  • Uneven floors.

  • Signs of chimney deterioration.

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Turnkey Solution - Stabilization

  • Site and existing foundation assessment to understand soil conditions, drainage issues, and existing foundations before starting any stabilization work.

  • Customized pier system design by a structural engineer.

  • Site preparation, including clearing space around existing foundations.

  • Installation of suitable piers: screw, driven, or sheet piers, as needed.

  • Secure connection to existing foundations for efficient load transmission.

  • Post-installation load tests to verify load-bearing capacity.

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Turnkey Solution - Finishing

Once repairs are completed, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and execute the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement and landscaping.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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