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Sheeting Wall

What is a Interpile Sheeting Wall?

Interpile Sheeting wall is a structure used in construction to support and stabilize soils, often in situations where there is a change in ground level.

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Turnkey Solution - Planning

  • Feasibility study and preliminary design:

    • Feasibility study and preliminary design to assess project needs, including soil conditions, wall height, lateral soil pressures on the wall, environmental constraints, and local regulations.

    • Develop a preliminary design.

  • Engineering and design calculations: 

    • Work with a specialized engineer in retaining structures to carry out detailed design calculations, including determining the depth of the sheet piles.

    • Obtain all necessary permits and authorizations from local authorities before starting the Interpile Sheeting Wall construction.

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Turnkey Solution - Installation

  • Site preparation:  

    • Define the location of the Interpile Sheeting wall on the construction site.

    • Prepare the ground by removing debris, rocks, and any other obstacles that could hinder construction."

  • Installation:

    • Excavate and install sheet piles: Use specialized equipment to drive the sheet piles into the ground to the required depth, ensuring proper alignment and spacing to ensure wall stability.

    • Excavate and install timber wales between the sheet piles as required depth reached.

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