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Basement and Crawlspace Excavation

How can I expand the living space of my house?

Excavating your basement or crawl space to achieve a ceiling height of 7-8 feet is a good option to expand the living space of your house and increase the value of your property.

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Turnkey Solution - Planning 

  • Planning and Design: Work with the architect and civil engineering engineer in our network to design the underpinning structure plans and basement plans, taking into account your needs and goals for the space.

  • Permits and Regulations:  Obtain all necessary building permits from local authorities.

  • Site Marking: Consult Info Excavation to locate underground conduits.

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Turnkey Solution - Execution 

  • Excavation:

    • Excavate an access ramp.

    • Create an opening in the foundations to allow machinery to enter the basement.

    • Excavate the basement to the desired depth.

    • Excavate piano key niches under existing foundations according to the sequencing specified in the engineering plans.

  • Basement Foundation: As piano key niches are excavated, form and pour the underpins according to the phasing specified in the engineering plans.

  • Insulation and Waterproofing: Install an appropriate insulation and waterproofing system to protect the basement against moisture and water infiltration.


Turnkey Solution - Finishing

A significant advantage for you as an Indigo Construction client is that you can benefit from a turnkey project. Once the excavation work is completed, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and carry out the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement and landscaping.

Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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