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Foundation Waterproofing

​What are the advantages of an interior drain compared to an exterior drain?

  • Less invasive installation: Less disruption to costly outdoor landscaping.

  • Non-limiting installation period: Can be installed year-round, unlike an exterior drain.

  • Ease of maintenance: Accessible from inside the building, easy to inspect, and never needs to be cleaned.

  • Reduced risk of exterior damage: Sheltered from the elements and potential damage caused by tree roots or debris.

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Turnkey Solution - Planning 

  • Trench excavation: Use of a concrete saw and jackhammer to create a trench along the interior perimeter of the basement.

  • Installation of perforated drain: Placement of the perforated drain at the bottom of the trench.


  • Gravel backfilling: Covering the perforated pipe with a layer of compacted gravel.

  • Trench covering: Filling the trench with clean stone.

  • Installation of the collection point: Installing a sump pit or lift pump to collect drained water.

  • System testing: Verification of the system's effectiveness by pouring water into the trench.

Ancre 2

Turnkey Solution - Finishing

  • Replacing the concrete along the interior perimeter of the basement.

  • A significant advantage for you as a client of Indigo Construction is that you can benefit from a turnkey project. Once repairs are completed, Indigo Construction can coordinate all specialized trades and execute the necessary construction work until the complete finishing of your basement.

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