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Owners's first wish was to gather their family in a nice house. That's why they contacted Indigo Construction from the design until the construction of the cottage. This cottage required extensive work over two years since the land was undeveloped.


Firstly, the trees had to be pruned to clear the access, then the rock had to be revitalized to adapt the house to the ground level. Then, we created a septic tank, water and electricity connection.


Secundly, we built the house itself on three levels, one of which was semi-underground. The roof is made of both metal and asphalt shingles for a more contemporary look.


Finally, we designed the interior of the chalet, around a key value: conviviality. We find the authentic features of a Quebec cottage with all the equipment and comfort necessary for a modern life: a stone fireplace for an authentic style, and an integrated home automation system for the comfort aspect. Particular attention was paid to the details of the mouldings and beams in the cathedral style living room.


Indigo has met the expectations of this demanding clientele thanks to its professionalism and attention to detail. As expected by the owners, large windows have been designed to allow light to flow into the house while enjoying the nature surrounding the cottage.

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